Saturday, May 16, 2015

Breaking News: GPR Reveals Hand of God. The Valleys of Jerusalem show a left hand under Jerusalem. The Valleys form a letter shin. Carl and Karin Anderson brought the hand to the Leaders of the Dome of the Rock. Knesset has map with shin on it. All this fulfills Bible prophecies!
Karin Anderson has been featured repeatedly on such shows such as Prophecy hour, Prophecy club, and numerous radio and TV  broadcasts including CNN, TBN and  Coast to Coast.  Not just an armchair researcher, Karin as had direct meaningful discussion with many prominent men in Israel, both secular and religious, as well as leaders of Islam at the "Mosque of Omar".
She currently has been heard in over 84 countries.  Some of her more popular topics included the recovery of about 900 lbs. of the Holy incense, from the last Temple Period, just before its desecration which was given over to the temple institute.  You may find how her and her husband burned the HOLY incense in the Negev;  as well as Karin's burning of the Holy incense in the Great Pyramid and it effects.  Or you may find their Amazing archeology discoveries such as the Hand of GOD, the Face of Jacob, and the name of God; all found in the Temple mount area of Jerusalem.

About the publishers: Karin and Carl Anderson are Biblical and Archeology researchers, with over 50 years of combined experience and studies in these fields. Drawing from varied sources such as  Torah, Zohar, Midrash, Targum,  Nag Hammadi, Book of the dead , and other rare and extant sources. Karin and Carl have been fortunate to have made several trips to both Israel and Egypt for research and actual on site excavation experience. Well the Good News is you can actually view an interactive dialog of the most the AMAZING archeological discovery of all time!!  Taking advantage of state of the art multi-spectral and GPR ( ground penetrating radar ) now for the first time this amazing discovery is being reveled!  Supporting evidence of this find draws from anatomy, archeology, geology, liturgical and archetypal types and correspondences.

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